You’re not the only one who just got a Starbucks test notification

I’ve got an order ready for Saul A. Is there a Saul A here? | Image: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

If you’ve received a cryptic notification from the Starbucks app, you’re not alone — dozens of people say they got a message reading “Hello test1 from seank” from the coffee app on Tuesday.

It’s unclear how many people the notification went out to. Twitter is flooded with screenshots of it, with posts often tagging the official Starbucks account asking what’s going on. However, every single one I saw showed an iOS notification, so it’s possible Android users were spared Sean K’s greeting. So far, the company hasn’t responded to any of the reports or put out a statement about what’s going on. We’ve also reached out for comment and will let you know if we hear back.

did the Starbucks app get hacked lmfao


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