You can snag a first-gen Apple Watch SE for just $149 right now

Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

When the original Apple Watch SE came out in 2020, it represented the sweet spot in Apple’s smartwatch lineup. It was faster than what was then Apple’s entry-level flagship, the Series 3, but also cheaper than the newest models. And while it’s certainly beginning to show its age, you can pick it up at Walmart in the 40mm GPS configuration for $149 ($130 off) or in the larger 44mm variant for $179 ($130 off).

Apple’s smartwatch lineup has changed pretty substantially since 2020, especially with the introduction of the new Ultra model, but the first-gen Apple Watch SE can still make for a solid entry-level pick if you’ve never owned a smartwatch (or if you want something inexpensive to hand to the kid).

The SE shares some features found…

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