Windows 11’s taskbar is finally getting labels and never combine app icons

Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge

Microsoft is finally adding never combine app icons and labels to the Windows 11 taskbar. These highly requested features have been absent from Windows 11 after Microsoft overhauled and rebuilt the taskbar for the operating system and lost a lot of functionality as a result.

Now, Twitter user Albacore has spotted that Microsoft is getting close to publicly testing a never combine app icons option for the Windows 11 taskbar, alongside text labels to more easily identify apps. Both of these features are present in Windows 10, so it’s good to see them finally coming back.

Taskbar item labels (as well as ungrouped items) are indeed on their way to Windows 11 ✨
Here’s a demo of the current state of the feature, definitely further along than…

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