USPS will order 9,250 Ford E-Transit EVs and 14,000 EV chargers

Image: Ford

The US Postal Service is buying 9,250 Ford E-Transit battery-electric vehicles and 14,000 EV charging stations from three different suppliers as part of its plans to electrify a large portion of its mail delivery fleet. In an announcement post on Tuesday, the agency said it hasn’t finalized plans for where the vehicles and infrastructure will be deployed but intends to “begin building out its charging infrastructure across a minimum of 75 locations within the next 12 months.”

The chargers will help power a growing number of EVs. In December, the USPS announced its plans to add 66,000 electric vehicles to its fleet by 2028. While around 45,000 of those will be “Next Generation Delivery Vehicles” (NGDV) manufactured by Oshkosh, the agency…

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