Twitch made it easier to edit clips for TikTok and YouTube Shorts

The Clip Editor allows you to quickly grab sections of your livestream and edit them effectively for vertical video formats. | Image: Twitch

Twitch is launching a new web-based desktop clips editing tool to help streamers grow their audience by sharing curated snippets of their content to other platforms. The aptly named Clip Editor tool is rolling out today, allowing users to easily edit livestream footage directly from the Clip Manager in the Twitch Creator Dashboard.

Streamers can use the Clip Editor tool to convert their recording to a portrait mode orientation at the click of a button, suitable for vertical video platforms like TikTok. Those clips can also be directly exported to YouTube Shorts within Clip Manager.

Image: Twitch
You can only upload directly to YouTube Shorts for now, but the edited clips can also be saved for use on other…

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