Tile’s selling a tracker for your cat

The Tile for Cats tracker is basically a Sticker tracker with a collar attachment. | Image: Tile

Tile is now selling a cat-tracking bundle that includes one of the company’s Sticker trackers and a new collar attachment to truly secure it to your pet. The combo is designed to keep tabs on your tabby (or other purring furderer) so you can confirm it’s hiding somewhere in the house and hasn’t escaped yet again to your neighbor’s.

Sure, there’s nothing groundbreaking about a cat collar accessory that holds a preexisting tracker — but it’s slightly more elegant than the company’s previous key chain dangling tracker solution. Tile’s Sticker tracker can be detected from 250 feet away and has a built-in battery that can last for three years.

Old Tile solution 1: the key ring dangler.

Old Tile…

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