This AI clock uses ChatGPT to generate tiny poems that tell the time

The clock uses ChatGPT to generate rhymes to tell the times. | Image: Matt Webb

ChatGPT has been one of the internet’s favorite toys for months now, but people are still finding novel and fun ways to use the AI chatbot. Case in point is this rhyming E Ink clock created by designer and blogger Matt Webb. It uses ChatGPT to create a short two-line rhyme that also tells the time for every minute of the day. It’s incredible and we want one.

Speaking to The Verge over DM, Webb explained that the clock is powered by an old Inky wHAT screen and a Raspberry Pi that he previously had set up as a regular text clock. He’s been playing around with OpenAI’s language models for a while and had the idea of connecting the two.

I made an AI clock for my bookshelves! It composes a new poem every minute using ChatGPT and…

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