These boots were made for plumbing

A physical recreation of Mario’s boots. | Image: Red Wing Shoes

If you’ve ever wondered what Mario’s shoes would look like in real life, wonder no more. Nintendo partnered with footwear maker Red Wing Shoes to recreate Mario’s boots as shown in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

To my eyes, they seem like boots for, well, a fictional Italian plumber. But really nice boots, of course — I’d expect nothing less for the man known for traveling across literal galaxies to stomp on sentient mushroom-like beings and evil turtles. Gotta have good shoes for that!

If you want to see the boots for yourself, they’re actually on display at the Nintendo store in New York City right now:

I saw them with my own eyes. This is peak living

— J’97 (@J97gaming) March 10, 2023

But if you aren’t…

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