The Verge’s favorite pet tech

Olivia. | Photo by Helen Havlak / The Verge

If you’ve got a pet, it’s likely you have something cool that you use to either feed the pet, amuse the pet, watch the pet, track the pet, or travel with the pet. Well, the folks here at The Verge are no different: many have animal companions whom they feed, pamper, worry about — even obsess about — and totally enjoy.

We asked our co-workers to tell us about some of the techie (and not-so-techie) gadgets that they use to keep their pets clean, fed, and amused — along with portraits of the much-loved dogs and cats. We’ve got some great photos to show you. Enjoy.


Mitchell Clark, former news writer

Photo by Mitchell Clark

We got the WOpet automatic feeder after our vet informed us that our cat Aslan…

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