The Super Mario Bros. theme is the first video game tune to enter the Library of Congress

Mario music composer Koji Kondo (right) joins Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto (center) and Nintendo camera programmer Takumi Kawagoe at a Super Mario Bros. Movie screening in April. | Image: Kayla Oaddams/WireImage

We’re living in a Nintendo renaissance right now, which includes the release of one of the most successful animated movie launches ever, brand-new theme parks, and a bestselling console. But now, the Super Mario Bros. theme — one of the most recognizable tunes ever — is being eternally honored with an entry into the US Library of Congress (via The Guardian).

The Super Mario Bros. theme is officially known as “Ground Theme,” as in the aboveground music in Super Mario Bros., and was first included in the game when it was released on the Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. It marks the first video game music to be inducted into the Library of Congress.

Image: Umar Shakir / The Verge
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