The McRib Locator continues to live on after the sandwich’s farewell tour

Image: McRib Locator

The McDonald’s McRib’s last seasonal appearance in 2022 was said to be its last. McDonald’s marketed last fall’s release as its “farewell tour,” encouraging customers to get it before it was gone forever. Despite this, Alan Klein, creator of the McRib Locator, will continue to keep up his self-made website that reports and tracks McRib sightings. “I’m helping a larger community,” Klein says. “It’s fellow fans like myself, and that really is what keeps me driven to keep doing it.”

Since McDonald’s introduced the McRib in 1981, an avid fan base has developed around the sandwich — and dealt with its inconsistent availability ever since. Despite its popularity, McDonald’s has removed the McRib from its menu numerous times over the past 40…

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