The latest viral Drake AI hit is just a repurposed SoundCloud rap

Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage

AI Drake has struck again, and the latest track shows just how easy it is for someone to use a familiar celebrity voice to make a song go viral. The track, called “Not a Game,” first emerged on SoundCloud and YouTube late last week and arrived only days after a song from someone named Ghostwriter went viral for featuring Drake’s AI-generated voice. “Not a Game” got mentions in both TMZ and the Daily Mail, shining even more of a spotlight on the track.

But it turns out, “Not a Game” isn’t exactly a brand-new song. The Verge found that the track is composed of multiple preexisting elements, with the primary new addition being the Drake voice.

The fakers took the vocals from this a cappella rap posted to Looperman, a site that hosts audio…

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