The best Star Wars Day deals

Even the big-boy Lego UCS Millennium Falcon is on sale. Though it’s still expensive. And massive. And massively expensive. | Image: Wicked Brick

According to the calendar, it’s Star Wars Day. You know, the day that just happens to sound like you’re telling someone “May the Force be with you” if you don’t say the date like a normal person and just call it May 4th. But since this has become a small bedrock of a nerd holiday, that means there are often various promotions and deals to take advantage of. Of course, not all of them are good deals (some are downright scruffy-looking), but we’re collecting some worthwhile ones here — ranging from video games and somewhat-relevant tech stuff to a whole bunch of officially licensed Lego.

May the deals be with you.

One of the hottest deals for Star Wars Day is on the buzzy new action-adventure game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, revisiting…

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