The AI Seinfeld show will begin streaming again Wednesday following suspension

Image: Mismatch Media

Nothing, Forever, the show that streams an AI-generated Seinfeld parody, is returning this evening after it received a temporary ban from Twitch due to transphobic content. The show will be back on Wednesday, March 8th, at 8PM ET, according to a tweet from Mismatch Media, which created the show.

Nothing, Forever had become something of a Twitch sensation before the ban. For 24 hours a day, it would generate Seinfeld-like scenes and jokes with crude pixelated graphics and bizarre robotic voices. It was absolutely absurd, and I regularly found myself tuning in to hear the next ridiculous non-sequitur and read Twitch chat’s responses.

But in early February, Nothing, Forever received a two-week suspension from Twitch because the Jerry…

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