The AI-powered Seinfeld spoof is set to return to Twitch with new guardrails in place

Image: Nothing, Forever / Twitch

Nothing, Forever, an AI-powered Seinfeld spoof show on Twitch, was quickly becoming the next big thing on the platform. During the always-on stream, a cast of Seinfeld-adjacent characters had befuddling conversations, made weird jokes, and moved through a world of crude, blocky graphics, all backed by a laugh track and directed by AI.

But then it was suspended for two weeks after the Jerry Seinfeld-like character made transphobic remarks. That suspension is set to lift on Monday, and while its creators at Mismatch Media have been working to make sure transphobic comments won’t happen again, they can’t guarantee it.

The transphobic remarks happened after Mismatch changed the AI models underpinning the stream. “We started having an outage…

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