Tears of the Kingdom’s dungeons were designed with seamlessness in mind

Link stepping into a magical place within Hyrule. | Image: Nintendo

Breath of the Wild featuring over 100 puzzle-filled shrines rather than being built around The Legend of Zelda’s more traditional dungeons was both one of the most refreshing aspects of the 2017 game. It was also one of the most potentially polarizing — especially for those who’d grown to love the old formula of Link taking down dungeons one at a time using his specialized weapons. Ahead of Tears of the Kingdom’s release this week, Nintendo revealed that classic dungeons would be making their return all throughout the new game, and it was easy to get the impression that meant Link would be spending a lot of time in heavily-themed, cordoned-off fortresses scattered across Hyrule.

In some instances, that’s very much the case. But…

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