T-Mobile’s pricey new plan gets you a new phone every two years

T-Mobile is adding a plan designed for frequent phone upgraders. | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

T-Mobile has announced another rate plan today: Go5G Plus, which guarantees two-year device payment plans and that existing customers will get the same new phone promotions as new customers. It takes the place of Magenta Max as the carrier’s most expensive plan to the tune of $90 per month with autopay for a single line.

The company is announcing the new plan and a couple of other promotions in an aggressive bid for new customers and is doing so on 4/20 because the company intends to “smoke the competition.” That’s some real “How do you do, fellow kids?” energy.

Go5G Plus includes everything Magenta Max offers, like unlimited premium data, Netflix, and Apple TV Plus, and adds a few more things on top in addition to the phone upgrade…

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