Star Trek: Starfleet Academy will follow the most ambitious students in the galaxy

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. | Image: Paramount Plus

A few months ago, we received the news that Star Trek: Discovery was being canceled and that season 5 would be its last one on Paramount Plus. I was worried. The official Star Trek convention was canceled at what felt like the last minute, the streaming wars are settling down, and media companies are seemingly less and less interested in investing large sums of money in new shows.

I spent that day wondering if that was just the first in a string of bad news about new Star Trek.

Then, today, we got the news that Paramount has officially ordered a Starfleet Academy series for its streaming service that’s executive produced by Alex Kurtzman and Noga Landau (Tom Swift, Nancy Drew, The Magicians) and will start production in 2024.


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