Sonos’ exciting new product category is… commercial audio

Sonos Pro is available to businesses starting today. | Image: Sonos

Maybe the long-rumored Sonos headphones aren’t coming this year after all. A few months ago, CEO Patrick Spence announced that Sonos would enter four new product categories over the next few years — with the first coming in 2023. But the company is throwing a curveball of sorts: while the easy assumption was that these would all be new hardware categories, it turns out that the first one is all about software. Software as a service (SaaS), to be more specific.

Today, Sonos is introducing Sonos Pro, a new service targeted at businesses — restaurants, bars, and retail stores — that makes it easy to play music across numerous locations without breaking any licensing rules. Sonos Pro works with all S2-compatible hardware including the Ikea…

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