Slack’s new ChatGPT bot will talk to your colleagues for you

Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge

ChatGPT is coming to Slack. The Salesforce-owned Slack announced the new AI-powered app on Tuesday that will help you craft replies to your colleagues “in seconds.”

Those with access to the app can click the three-dots icon in a thread and hit “Draft reply” instead of typing out the response themselves. It’s still not clear how detailed these responses will get — or if they might get a bit wonky at times. Obviously, you can probably edit any responses to better suit the conversation, but I honestly feel that I can type up a reply in the time it takes to command ChatGPT to write one for me.

Image: Slack
ChatGPT for the Slack app in action.

Additionally, the ChatGPT Slack bot can help you find answers “on any…

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