Slack launches Canvas, a docs app that lives inside your chat app

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The best thing about Slack’s new Canvas feature is that I barely need to explain it to you. It’s like Google Docs but inside of Slack. Make a canvas, add some stuff, and share it with whoever you want. Every channel in your Slack now has a canvas attached to it, and you can also make and share as many as you want. That’s it!

Slack first announced Canvas last year, and they’re starting to roll out to all Slack users today. I’ve been testing an early version over the last few days, and they’re definitely going to be one of my more-used Slack features going forward. They’re maybe the most useful organizational tool Slack has ever created.

See, the problem with Slack is that it’s chaos. Since it’s primarily a messaging app, everything that…

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