Rewind’s new feature brings ChatGPT to your personal information

Rewind’s “ChatGPT For Me” feature is a chatbot with access to all of your stuff. | Image: Rewind

The idea of a personal search engine is a powerful and enticing one. What if there were an app that knew everything about my meetings, my tasks, my browser history, my email, and everything else and could help me comb through it to find the stuff I care about? Sounds super helpful! Also, in an era of increasing surveillance and the ongoing monetization of our every thought and action, sounds like a terrifying hellscape dystopia!

There’s probably a middle ground in there somewhere that works. That’s what is trying to find with the feature it’s launching today. It’s called “ChatGPT For Me,” and it’s a GPT-4 chatbot that you can use to interact with all the information Rewind’s app collects about you.

(Rewind, if you haven’t…

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