PowerA’s new MOGA XP-Ultra is a Frankenstein’s monster of mobile and Xbox hybrid controller

This controller might look cooler with some vibrant mecha-like color schemes. Actually, yeah, just make it a Gundam.

PowerA’s gone and made one of the strangest-looking controllers I’ve ever seen, and yet, this thing that looks like it should have never made it past the concept stage is the first non-Microsoft gamepad to be wirelessly compatible on Xbox consoles. The PowerA MOGA XP-Ultra doesn’t just have a name only a mother or Elon Musk could love; it also wants to try and bridge the gap between mobile game streaming on services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and console and PC play with just one form factor. And it does this by offering a convertible form factor, transforming from a small-ish mobile gamepad to a full-size controller — all for $129.99.

We’ve seen something like this before with the Turtle Beach Recon Cloud controller, but that attempt…

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