Philips Hue is delaying its Matter update

Philips Hue’s lighting bridge will not get updated to Matter this month, as previously announced. | Image: Philips Hue

Delays have been a major part of the Matter narrative, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to hear one of the biggest names attached to the new smart home standard is delaying its rollout. As reported by, Phillips Hue will not update its bridge to support Matter by the end of Q1 2023 (i.e. now), despite having promised to do so last November.

“As Philips Hue is focused on quality, we will take some extra time before making the software update to the Philips Hue Bridge available to all consumers, to invest in really getting it right and delivering to the expectations of consumers,” Kelly Gramuglia of Signify, which owns Philips Hue, told The Verge in an email.

The update, when it arrives, will bridge all of Hue’s…

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