Oura is adding chronotypes to its smart ring, but without the cute animals

The smart ring is adding a number of features that center around circadian rhythms. | Image: Victoria Song / The Verge

Over the past year, wearable makers have started adding sleep profiles, or chronotypes, associated with cute cartoon animals to help users better understand their circadian rhythms. For instance, Fitbit Premium users can discover whether their wonky sleep patterns mean they’re a giraffe or a tortoise, while Samsung Galaxy Watch owners can find out whether they’re a sun-averse mole or a nervous penguin. So it’s hardly a surprise that the feature is now coming to the Oura Ring sleep tracker — though, regrettably, it doesn’t come with any adorable animals.

Image: Oura
The new body clock feature will tell you how well your sleep habits align with your chronotype’s “optimal” schedule.

Starting this week, Oura users…

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