My impossible search for the best, most powerful, most private journaling app ever

Day One is a great app. It also asks you to trust it in a big way. | Image: Day One

I have written in my journal 86 days in a row. It was my New Year’s resolution to actually commit to keeping a diary of my days, and every day since January 2nd, I’ve sat down and done so. This is the longest I’ve ever kept a journal — and almost certainly the longest I’ve ever stuck to a resolution of any kind. I’m probably more proud of myself than I should be.

I’ve been using the Day One app, which is the giant of the digital journal space. Day One works on practically every platform, is fast and simple, and lets me write text as well as save photos, audio, and links into my journal. It’s a great app!

But I had this moment, about a month into pouring my heart and soul (and hundreds of pictures of my newborn son) into Day One, where I…

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