Modder lands industry job after co-creating excellent unofficial Resident Evil 4 HD remaster

A screenshot from the Resident Evil 4 HD Project. | Image: Albert Martin / Capcom

Albert Martin, one of the modders behind the eight-year Resident Evil 4 HD remaster project, has landed an industry job at a studio best known for its work remastering retro games.

“I’m really happy because I’m finally and for the first time in my life working in the videogame industry,” Martin wrote in a blog post. “Thank you, Joel, for having faith in me, and thank you, Stephen, for the opportunity in Nightdive Studios.”

It’s well deserved. The Resident Evil 4 HD Project was a mammoth task that Martin and co-creator Cris Morales started in 2014 in an attempt to overhaul the textures in the then-recent Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition re-release. In a NeoGaf thread from the time, Morales estimated that the job would take the two of…

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