Michelle Yeoh is beaming back into Star Trek

The Emperor Philippa Georgiou has served a lot of good looks. | Image: CBS Television Studios

Michelle Yeoh just won an Oscar and is now back to making movies. This time, she’ll be returning to her Star Trek: Discovery character for a new film based on the Star Trek black ops organization known as Section 31.

Star Trek: Section 31 follows her character, the Emperor Philippa Georgiou. And if you are not very familiar with Star Trek, you might be confused. There are Emperors? Yes, yes, there are. Settle in, folks, as I explain the history of this character.

Philippa Georgiou was the original captain of the ship Shenzhou but was killed in the pilot episode, and her death creates much of the friction for the surviving characters in the first season. Later in the season, her “evil” Mirrorverse counterpart shows up. The Mirrorverse is…

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