Lenovo’s high-end Legion Slim gaming laptops get new AI chips to ‘optimize cooling’

This is the Legion Slim 7i. | Image: Lenovo

Lenovo has announced some of the top laptops that its Legion gaming arm will release in 2023. Among them are refreshes to the 16-inch Slim 7, Slim 7i, Slim 5, and Slim 5i as well as a new Slim 5 in a 14-inch size. These are, as the name implies, thinner and more portable devices than the beefiest gaming rigs on the market.

In addition to new processors from Intel and AMD, the devices include physical AI chips that power what Lenovo is calling its “AI Engine+.” This feature, Lenovo says, will dynamically adjust a system’s thermals to “optimize cooling on the fly and maintain maximum output with minimal noise.”

Whether this is a big deal will honestly depend on the impact it ends up having on performance. Were these laptops to deliver a…

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