Lenovo targets the MacBook with updated Slim Pro laptop line

You can tell that the Slim 7i is an Intel-powered model because it has an “i” in its name. | Image: Lenovo

Today in “Windows laptops vying to become the M2 MacBook alternative,” Lenovo has announced its new Slim line, the most premium consumer laptops it will sell in 2023. This batch includes a refreshed 14.5-inch Slim Pro 7 and 14-inch Slim 7i — the ones I expect to recommend that most people buy — and a more expensive Slim Pro 9i with 14.5-inch and 16-inch options.

I generally don’t have too many complaints about Slim devices. They tend to be some of the best built consumer devices you can get but are also somewhat unexciting. This year, Lenovo appears to be pushing them for an audience of mobile creative professionals (who might otherwise go for an M2 MacBook) using various collections of features with fancy names.


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