I hate how much I enjoy the Remarkable 2’s $199 keyboard case

As much as I love E Ink, I struggle to get behind using it as part of a 21st-century typewriter. Devices like the Freewrite are very cool in practice but simply too finicky for me to use as anything more than a gimmick. So I am frankly shocked by how much I like Remarkable’s new keyboard case, the $199 Type Folio.

As the name implies, this is a keyboard case for the Remarkable 2. If you have a Remarkable 2 and it’s fully updated, you can go buy this case, attach it to your E Ink tablet, fold up the keyboard, and start typing. Things work so well, you’ll likely find yourself charmed by the ease of it all. I certainly was. I plopped in my Remarkable 2 and was instantly able to start typing out notes. My tablet was suddenly a very…

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