Humanity is a brilliant puzzle game that never runs out of ideas

Image: Enhance

For some people, the basic premise of Humanity will be enough to sell them on the game. You, in the role of an ethereal Shiba Inu, guide humans through a world of puzzles in a game designed in part by the minds behind games like Rez and Tetris Effect. Now, to those for whom that description makes little to no sense, know this: Humanity is one of the most ingenious and generous puzzle games I’ve played in a very long time.

So yes, you control a dog, one that can command crowds of humans with nothing more than a bark. There’s a story of sorts, with a disembodied voice giving you directions, but the actual goal of the game is very simple. In each stage, you need to get the crowds of people to the glowing square at the end. Of course,…

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