How to watch Tesla’s 2023 Investor Day event

Image: Tesla

Tesla’s first Investor Day event is today, at which Elon Musk will pull back the curtain on the company’s third “Master Plan.” It’s a sequel to a 2016 blog post in which Musk said the company would expand its EV offerings to more vehicle segments and make them autonomous.

The third plan is expected to include “the path to a fully sustainable energy future for Earth,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

It will likely also include details on a new next-generation vehicle platform that will cost less to manufacture, updates to its Full Self-Driving technology (which is currently on hold due to a recall).

When is Tesla’s Investor Day?

Tesla’s Investor Day begins on March 1st at 5PM ET / 2PM PT at the company’s Austin, Texas-based Gigafactory.

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