How Bluesky should capitalize on its viral success

The logo for Bluesky’s AT Protocol. | Bluesky

Last week, we talked about how BeReal missed its moment. This week, let’s discuss how Bluesky might avoid the same fate.

Bluesky, of course, is the decentralized social network that surged in popularity over the weekend as the app opened up invitations to more beta testers and quickly sped past its first 50,000 users. Suffice to say it has been a long time coming: I first wrote about the company here in 2019, when Jack Dorsey woke up one day and decided he would try to rebuild Twitter on an open protocol and funded a team to do just that.

Elon Musk’s reign of error over the past six months has led to a flood of talent and money into social networking companies. Among the apps attempting to capitalize on Twitter’s decline are Post, T2,…

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