How a cleaning app tricked me into taking care of myself

I will be tackling all six of those Tody to-do’s later. | Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

By the end of 2021, my apartment looked like a tornado had run through it. The messiness made me anxious, but keeping a tidy home hadn’t been my priority that year. My mom was fine in February, and by November, ALS had robbed her of quite literally everything. After her funeral, I came home to my disaster apartment, looked at my mountains of clutter, and realized I didn’t even have a comfortable place to cry.

I threw myself a pity party and then downloaded the Tody app — a to-do app dedicated solely to cleaning — the next day.

The Tody app (Get it? To-do, tidy, Tody) came recommended by a friend with an immaculate house. Looking at their spotless home reminded me of something a college friend told me when she first saw my pigsty of a…

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