Hipstamatic’s new social network looks like an Instagram throwback

Hipstamatic’s social network recaptures the experience of using early versions of Instagram (better late than never). | Image: Hipstamatic

Back in 2010, Hipstamatic was one of the most popular apps for early smartphone photography before it was superseded by Instagram’s vibrant social network. Now, over a decade later, Hipstamatic is attempting a comeback, relaunching with new networking features similar to those that originally drove Instagram’s success.

In fact, the new Hipstamatic social network looks very similar to early versions of Instagram — allowing photographers to publish images to a chronological feed and share their snaps with friends or like-minded users. It’s a simple format that Instagram itself has long since abandoned in favor of stuffing its platform with algorithms and features like Reels. Hipstamatic seemingly has little interest in any of that, which…

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