Here are the first Lego Donkey Kong sets

Donkey Kong peeks out of his Lego tree house. | Image: Lego

Donkey Kong has been around as long as Mario himself, but this August will be the first time he’s officially appeared in Lego form — on August 1st, the Danish toymaker is adding four Lego Donkey Kong sets to the ever-widening Lego Super Mario lineup.

They aren’t filled with ladders, hammers, and fireballs like the original arcade game, mind; these sets are straight out of Donkey Kong Country, with the gorilla’s relatives along for the ride.

If you want Donkey Kong with the trademark red DK tie around his neck, that’ll set you back $60 for a tree house that comes with grandpa Cranky Kong as well, plus a hammock and some conga drums for Donkey to play.

Image: Lego
Some of these parts appear to be from other sets;…

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