Google’s cloud gaming ambitions died with Stadia, exec reveals

Image: Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Two years ago, I wrote a reasonably prescient editorial about how the writing was on the wall for Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia — and how the company was now hoping to sell its white label streaming technology to other companies instead of building out its own Netflix of games.

But it seems that, when Google killed off Stadia, it threw away that technology, too.

Google executive Jack Buser has now admitted that the company is no longer offering the white label version of Stadia that allowed companies like AT&T and Capcom to let anyone try games like Batman: Arkham Knight, Control, and a demo of Resident Evil Village for free over the internet, not to mention the first game from Peloton.

“We are not offering that streaming…

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