Go fishing with a record player using Jackery’s flagship solar generator

I don’t know why you’d want to bring your record collection while fishing in tights, but you be you, stud. | Image: Jackery

The absurdity of that promotional image aside, Jackery is actually a respected maker of big-ass portable batteries for anyone needing to recharge their lives when away from the grid. Today, the company is releasing details on its latest flagship product — the Explorer 3000 Pro — first revealed at CES in January alongside the lesser specced Explorer 1500 Pro.

The Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro comes loaded with AC and DC ports to charge almost anything you throw at it — including power tools, air conditioners, space heaters, microwaves, blenders, and all your gadgets — producing up to 3000W of sustained AC output with a 6000W peak. You also have the option of plugging up to 1400W of solar input into the unit to keep everything charged while…

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