Forget ad-supported streaming — here come the ad-supported TVs

This is the company that Pluto TV’s co-founder is reportedly working on. | Image: Telly

The co-founder of Pluto TV, Ilya Pozin, wants to give away free ad-supported TVs — yes, you read that right. That’s according to a report from Janko Roettgers in his Lowpass newsletter, who says the free television set will come with a second, built-in screen dedicated solely to ads and a soundbar.

Instead of profiting from TV sales, Roettgers reports Pozin’s new company, called Teevee Corporation, would make money off of the ads that appear on TV’s secondary screen. The idea isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds, as Vizio, for example, already makes far more money from ads and commissions than it does from selling TVs.

Sources tell Roettgers that the built-in screen would be about the same height as a smartphone and stretch across the…

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