Florida Mayhem won the first Overwatch League pro-am tournament, but the amateurs were the bigger winners

Image: Blizzard

Yesterday, the first round of Overwatch League play in 2023 concluded with the league’s first-ever pro-am tournament. Seven amateur teams from the North American and EMEA regions qualified for the right to play against the professional Overwatch teams of the west.

I love me some Tier 2 Overwatch (better known as Overwatch Contenders). Some of the most exciting games in all of competitive Overwatch’s history have been Contenders matches. For years now, the competitive Overwatch community has been asking for more recognition and support for the teams and the league that act as the foundation for the Overwatch League proper.

Most Contenders teams are sorely under-resourced. They’re usually made up of teens and young adults who practice and…

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