Eve’s new Flare lamp is the first battery-powered Thread light

The portable Eve Flare lamp works over Thread or Bluetooth and is IP65 rated. | Image: Eve Systems

Eve Systems has announced the second generation of its portable LED lamp, the Eve Flare, and the availability of its new Eve Shutter Switch for in-wall roller shutters. Both products from the smart home device maker are Bluetooth- and Thread-enabled and work with Apple Home and Siri voice control. The Eve Flare costs $99.95 / €99.95, as does the Shutter Switch, which is only available in Europe.

The second-gen Eve Flare has the same specs as the original — an IP65-rated portable indoor / outdoor full-color LED lamp. The difference is that it works over Thread and Bluetooth, while the first-gen Flare worked over Bluetooth. The Flare is the first battery-powered light to support Thread, which is one of the main protocols of Matter, the new…

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