Enter the Gungeon heads to actual arcades with this slick cabinet

Image: Devolver Digital

You might finally be able to play Devolver Digital’s Enter the Gungeon arcade cabinet at your local arcade sometime soon. House of the Gundead, a light gun arcade game set in the Enter the Gungeon that was first announced in 2019, is set to hit a handful of arcades in “the coming weeks,” Devolver announced on Wednesday.

Based on Devolver’s description, it seems like House of the Gundead will mix Enter the Gungeon’s roguelike action with arcade light gun shooting. “Explore and explode your way through an ever-evolving series of procedurally generated floors protected by the dangerously endearing Cult of the Gundead,” Devolver wrote in a press release. “Discover uniquely fantastic weapons, wild power-ups, and hidden secrets as you gun down…

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