Dell’s XPS 13 Plus gets 13th Gen Intel processors

Are you a Platinum person or a Graphite person? | Image: Dell

Dell has refreshed what might be its boldest and funkiest laptop, the XPS 13 Plus. The new model looks quite similar to the product released last year; the flat keyboard, LED function row, and invisible haptic touchpad remain. But inside, the new model is powered by Intel’s 13th Gen Core processors — specifically, from what I can see on Dell’s website, the Core i7-1360P.

Honestly, the processor is probably what most needed changing. The XPS 13 Plus I reviewed in 2022 was a nice-looking, well-built machine with a great screen, but it was hot and loud with subpar battery life. Those are big issues for a thin and light laptop, but they’re also issues that a better processor could potentially fix.

Image: Dell

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