Cowboy 4 e-bikes now automatically adapt to wind, hills, and heavy loads

Wind, hills, and baby seats are supposedly no match for this Cowboy 4’s new adaptive power feature. | Image: Cowboy

Cowboy’s latest 4 and 4ST e-bikes are being treated to a free software update today that adds a new adaptive power feature meant to automatically overcome any resistance as it occurs, be it a hill, blast of wind, or kid in a baby seat. Cowboy is also adding three new color options for its 4ST step-through model.

According to Cowboy, its proprietary software feature works at low and high speeds and doesn’t require any gear changes — good, because the company only sells belt-driven single-speed e-bikes. With the new update, Cowboy says the motor will provide the extra power “seamlessly” whenever a C4 or C4ST senses any extra resistance in the environment.

Cowboy’s premium 4-series e-bikes start at $2,990 / €2,990 and are slathered in…

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