Before Your Eyes is a beautiful showcase of what VR storytelling can be

Blink while looking at the eye icon to make something happen. | Image: Skybound Games

Before Your Eyes made me cry inside a VR headset.

Originally released on PC in 2021 and on mobile last year, Before Your Eyes asks you to relive the memories of a child named Benny as he grows up, learns more about his family, and explores his gift for art. But now available for the first time in VR on PlayStation VR2, the experience feels like it’s found a perfect home. It’s an outstanding example of how to tell a powerful story with virtual reality, and it helped me cope with a recent tragedy in my own life.

You play Before Your Eyes primarily by blinking your — the player’s — real eyes. As you move through Benny’s memories, you’ll frequently see icons floating near you that you can blink to interact with. Depending on the context,…

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