‘As an AI language model’: the phrase that shows how AI is polluting the web

AI language models can be used to generate convincing text — as long as you remember to remove the label. | Image: The Verge

A big worry about the rise of AI language models is that the internet will soon be subsumed in a tidal wave of automated spam. So far, these predictions have not yet come to pass (if they prove true at all), but we are seeing early signs that tools like ChatGPT are being used to power bots, generate fake reviews, and stuff the web with low-grade textual filler.

If you want proof, try searching Google or Twitter for the phrase “as an AI language model.” When talking to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the system frequently uses this expression as a disclaimer, usually when it’s asked to generate banned content or give an opinion on something subjective and particularly human. Now, though, “as an AI language model” has become a shibboleth for machine…

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