Apple’s new series Drops of God turns wine tasting into high-stakes drama

Tomohisa Yamashita and Fleur Geffrier in Drops of God. | Image: Apple

Everything about Apple’s newest streaming series is extreme — which you can probably tell since it’s a show about wine with the overly dramatic title Drops of God. And yet it works. It takes what may seem like a niche subculture full of snobs and millionaires and turns it into a high-stakes thriller that constantly kept me on edge. I really can’t believe how tense I got watching someone sniff a glass of red wine.

Loosely based on a manga of the same name, Drops of God is a story about family and competition. Things really kick off with a death. When world-renowned wine aficionado Alexandre Leger (Stanley Weber) passes away, he leaves behind an incredible inheritance: a cellar packed with 87,000 bottles widely believed to be the most…

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