Apple’s climate change drama Extrapolations is earnest and plausible but also has talking whales

Daveed Diggs in Extrapolations. | Image: Apple

It takes a while for Extrapolations to get going. The Apple TV Plus drama has an intriguing premise, exploring the future of climate change through various perspectives, with each episode jumping forward a few years to see how things change over time. It’s as much a prestige drama as it is a thought experiment. But those two sides never quite gel. The science makes for plenty of fascinating situations, but it also gets in the way of telling a focused story. Even worse, the show takes itself so seriously that it often descends into being straight-up goofy. This is a plausible vision of our dark future that also has talking whales.

Note: this review is based on the first three episodes of Extrapolations. It includes very light spoilers for…

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