Amazon pops out a new Echo smart speaker

The Echo Pop is Amazon’s latest Alexa-powered smart speaker. | Image: Amazon

Amazon has slashed its Echo Dot in half. No, it’s not on another sale, but the design of the company’s newest smart speaker — the $39.99 Echo Pop — looks an awful lot like someone took a meat cleaver to an Echo Dot. The result is actually kind of cute — especially in purple.

The jaunty-looking Pop is now the entry-level Alexa-powered smart speaker in Amazon’s Echo lineup. It has all the signature features of an Echo speaker: a voice-controlled device that can do various tasks, including stream music, control smart home devices, run timers, and add eggs to your shopping lists.

Along with the new Pop, the $89.99 Echo Show 5 smart display is getting a long-overdue refresh. The third-gen model of the smallest and most popular of Amazon’s…

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